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a short Bio

3D Photography
Amazing stuff !

3D Anaglyph Fractals
Spectacular stuff !

Fractal Images 1
My first series of Fractals

Fractal Images 2
My later Fractals

Love of Flying 1
My own flying experience

Love of Flying 2
Flight Simulators + Video

Love of Flying 3
Aircraft Pictures

SL pictures & comment

Tucson Kava Club
Local Kava Group


Like most of us I had a page on Facebook, well I still do, but I became disillusioned by Facebook's censoring of content, and their belief that anything you post becomes their property, and the poor resolution of posted images, and since I already had a web space I had paid for but wasn’t using for anything, it seemed like a good idea to create a personal web site where I could show my pictures, which I think are very nice and perhaps you will think so too. Also, it was an opportunity to talk about some of the other subjects I am interested in, such aircraft and flying, and the spiritual stuff which you never know might be of use to someone. Its certainly not going to help anyone if I keep it to myself !

a short Bio. Speaks for itself. Just a little bit of background information about me, for those who are curious, and who isn't ?

3D Photography. Here you will find the large number of Anaglyph photographs i've taken that have to be viewed when wearing Red/Cyan Glasses. Some of these really pop out of the screen and to see that effect you need to view the images large size, so I made the images as large as I could whilst ensuring they would still fit within the screen. This project is ongoing, so there will be more and more pictures added to this page.

3D Fractals Fractal images that look 3D when viewed when wearing Red/Cyan Glasses. This project is ongoing, so there will be more and more pictures added to this page.

Fractal Images. Amazing Fractal photographs I have taken whilst manipulating the software program Mandelbulber v2. Even if you don't bother with the rest of the web site, make sure you look at these !

Love of Flying. Its about my attempts over the years to get into the air by flying something, with pictures and in some cases video taken at the time, drawings, and comment.

SecondLife. Pictures - screen grabs, even a video i've taken inside Secondlife over the many years I have been member, and some comment, plus something about some other virtual worlds i've explored. NOTE: If you share any of my pictures onto other web sites for personal use, please mention they were made by me, that's only polite. If you share them onto a web site for commercial purposes, you may receive an invoice from me !


If you would like to make contact to ask a question or make a comment, please use this email address Contact Me