About Gillian


Gillian Lee was born in 1948 in Scarborough, North Yorkshire U.K and lived with her parents, working for a time in the family business (amusements) later developing an interest in electronics and doing electronics assembly work for a company in Bridlington.

Hobbies were snorkel diving with a mask and fins, and she had a go at skiing on Scarborough's dry ski slope and also on real snow. She read lots of Sci Fi books and became interested in Magic and Mysticism. In 1972, she moved to London for freedom and to experience life. She got involved with the Gay Liberation Front, lived in a gay commune in Bethnal Green, later becoming a squatter like many others in Stepney East London. She intensively studied Qabbala based on the work by Dion Fortune, and for a period of time taught it to a group of Jewish people. She did a range of jobs which included temporary work for the BBC, flat cleaning and messenger work, she also did some van driving for a printing company.

In 1992 she began to design and build devices that utilize subtle energy to make them work, based on Qabbalistic and Radionic principles and around 1993 she began to sell them over the internet. These devices which are primarily used for healing purposes have now been sent now to customers in just about every country of the world. In connection with that work, but also for Spiritual reasons, she travelled to Sedona in the U.S, India, Israel and Greece, having wonderful experiences in many of the Greek Temples.

In late 2002 she visited Tucson, Arizona with the intention of touring the U.S in a Motorhome, but instead she met and fell in love with June Raymond and after a very long friendship they were married in 2013 when Gay marriage became legal in California. Gillian and June are presently living together in Tucson.