All the images on this page are fractals which I have made personally, using a special software program for rendering the mathematical equations required to create them, along with a number of paint and graphics programs to enhance or modify the final outcome.

One question that may spring to the mind of any viewer is the question of whether these are original and unique Art or merely the output of an automated process. To answer this question one must bear in mind that although these images are computer generated, they require a huge amount of manual input to define the parameters of each image, out of a possible range of millions of permutations.

Additionally the colors and the arrangement of them that you see are not always the result of inputted technical data but are in some cases the result of artistic textures which I have made myself, and applied to the images.

In addition each view creates in itself a different effect, since the fractals appear different in color and shape at different levels of depth and from different angles, so much so that to recreate one of these images even by myself, is next to impossible to do unless all of the parameters have been saved onto the computer, and even that may not recreate the original picture because of some unknown reason the computer does not always render images in exactly the same way, so to answer the question of whether these images are original and unique Art, I would say, absolutely yes !

In the main, most fractals don't look like anything specific, they just look like random shapes, but people seem to be able to relate to them better if they look like something they can name, and even the most abstract shapes can remind one of something. Along with the images I have given my suggestion for what these images look like, but of course you the viewer, are free to see whatever you like.

Oldest Images are shown first, newest images are shown last


I call this image Box Valley, because that's what it reminds me off. I was one of the first Fractal images I made,
well, the first worth looking at.


I called this image Strange Hills because its the only name that came to mind. As you see I placed Box Valley in the background


I call this image The Caves of Dilbury and I have no idea how I made this image. I will admit I was high on weed at the time,
and I was clicking buttons and this appeared


I call this image The Martian Quaternium and I was still high on weed and I clicked some buttons and the previous image tuned into this one.


I call this image The Crashed Ship and I was NOT high on weed at the time and this was the result. Too Bad !


I call this image The Space Station as I can imagine flying saucers coming in here to dock.


This picture is called Lavaflow1 because it looks like some sort of Geological feature.


This picture is called Lavaflow2 because it also looks like some sort of Geological feature.


This picture is called Lavaflow3 even though it looks less Geological
but it was made at the same time as the others.


This picture is called The Old Stone House, if you look in the middle of the picture you can see the doorway.


This picture is called Sea Home, because I can imagine a Mermaid living in there.


This picture is called Pushpaka, named after the flying city.


This picture is called PushpakaMatrix, because nothing else seems to fit !


This picture is called The Breeding Chamber because it looks where alien creatures come to lay their eggs.


I didn't really have a name for this one so i'm just calling it Splurge.


Metal Shop 1


Metal Shop 2


Metal Shop 3


The Birth or maybe Death of a Planet


Planet Q


Planet Forming


The DiLithium Mines on Planet Q


The DiLithium Festival, held yearly on Planet Q