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The idea for forming a Kava group developed out of the research that I did into everything Kava. Traditionally, in Hawaii and in Polynesia huts are set up where anyone can go to drink Kava, at pretty much anytime. These are called Nakamal's and are also used for ceremonial gatherings. Whilst most of these ceremonies are conducted by men, in the US Kava works equally well on women !

Depending on which type of Kava you purchase, the effects can range from stimulating to sedating, but always with a happy euphoric feeling with no harmful side effects. In fact research has shown that Cancer is extremely low amongst Kava drinkers. Whilst I am not suggesting that it can cure Cancer, but it certainly seems to prevent it. It is also very helpful in treating Cystitis. My own reason for using it was to cure my chronic Insomnia, and it has certainly been very helpful with that.

Kava is traditionally drunk from half coconut shells, each one holding about 8 FLoz ( 1 U.S Cup ) of Kava. For myself I find that at least two shells are usually needed to put me in that happy place. The large wooden bowl used to serve Kava from in traditional gatherings is called a Tanoa. The traditional way of making kava is to place an amount of ground up root into a cloth bag, then place that in the Tanoa with a quantity of water and begin kneading and squeezing. Today, with modern appliances, such as a Blender or an Aluball, we can shortcut the entire procedure and make Kava in just a few minutes.

The Aluball is designed and sold by "Kavafied"
Its a quick way to make Kava without having to knead and squeeze Kava in a Bag, and without having to put the Kava Root in a Blender with water and then strain the result. Instead about 2 Tablespoons of Medium Grind powder is placed in the special ball that comes with the Kava maker, along with at least 300ml of water, and after the lid is screwed on the whole thing is shaken in the hand for at least 30 seconds. The Aluball can be ordered directly from the company, or from Amazon.

As an additional point of information, Kava should always be drunk on empty stomach, or at least 3 hours after a meal. If you feel like you want to eat something when you are high on it ( Krunked ) you should avoid starchy foods like bread and potatoes. Additionally, if you are a Marijuana user you need to be very careful in combining Kava with Marijuana and use less of both, as they potentate each other. NEVER combine Kava with alcohol as the result is very damaging to the Liver. You can combine Kava with coconut milk or fruit juices, but I think most Kava drinkers don't.

Initially the plan is to for people to join our facebook group, Tucson Kava Club, and when enough people join we can arrange to meet somewhere and get to know each other and drink Kava. I am personally building up a fairly extensive supply so that people will have something to try if they haven't already purchased something.

To visit Tucson Kava Club on Facebook, please click this link. https://www.facebook.com/groups/tucsonkava/

If you are not on Facebook or donít want to join the Facebook Group, please send me your contact details so I can keep in touch with you to update you on meetings. I will need your full name and your email address. It will also be helpful if you can say if you are already a Kava Drinker or if this is something you haven't tried yet.
Please use this email address Contact Me for browsers that cannot use this link, please send email to:

Another very useful source of information is Kava Forums. Its best to join if you want to take maximum advantage. http://kavaforums.com/forum/


Kava that I tried and can recommend:

Aqua Vita on Country Club and Glenn in Tucson sell Waka grade Kava powder. Theirs is what is called "Medium Grind"
Whilst this particular Kava isn't wonderful, its a way to try Kava out without having to order anything online. About 2 Tablespoons of this powder should be placed in a Blender with at least 1 cup of room temperature water, then blended for about 1 minute. It should then be strained through a Kava Strainer bag, or an old tee shirt, or I use some material cut from a pillowcase. The result is muddy looking liquid that doesn't taste very nice !

This brew should be drunk fairly quickly, it is not a sipping drink, and you will feel the effects in a very short space of time.


I can also recommend Micronized Kava from "Kalm with Kava". https://kalmwithkava.com/

This type does not need to be blended or strained, but can simply be mixed into water then drunk.. ( 2 heaped Teaspoons to about 1 cup of water ) My favorite is the Borongoru. This has an unusually nice taste and smell, and has a powerful euphoric effect and later a powerful sedating effect to help you sleep. This Kava is in short supply and so you have to buy it when it is available.

I have tried mixing 1 heaped teasoon KWK Borongoru with 1 heaped Teaspoon of their Pouni Ono, the result has a powerful effect that is euphoric and later sedating. Pouni Ono itself is more of a Daytime Kava, I find it a bit gritty, but eventually it does help you to sleep.


"Bula Kava House" also comes highly recommended, but their products tend to be expensive. https://www.bulakavahouse.com/


Squanch Kava sells a small range of Medium Grind powders. I purchased their Fijian Waka, and after 3 shells I was buzzing for 8 hours !
This is not a Kava that is recommended if you are trying to get some sleep, but it is good if you want a daytime experience. http://www.squanchkava.com/


"Gourmet Hawaiian Kava" is also recommended, I have ordered some products from them but they have not arrived yet. I will update this page after I have tried them.


I've been reading reports about "Kavafied" Kava Supreme, seems like very powerful stuff, and very resonably priced. Below is a review of it on Youtube by the Kavasseur ( Douglas LaRose ) I have found all his videos very informative and very worth a watch.


Kava Glossary - from Kava Forums

Useful information about the effects of Kava - from Kalm with Kava https://kalmwithkava.com/how-kava-makes-happy-not-high/




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