My Secondlife

Around 2006 I was browsing the internet and happened to find a web site that talked about a Virtual World that anyone could enter, and out of curiosity I signed up and had a look around. It was called, I beleive, "VR World", and it was very basic. The whole world was one small island, and some people had already built some offices and some shops ( that had nothing in them for sale ) and the company was hoping to entice real world businesses to rent shop and office space as a means of promoting their businesses. It was interesting that you could walk around the buildings, and fly from place to place, and I realised at that moment VR was something I liked.

Unfortunatly the only pictures I have of VR World were some screen grabs of my attempt to place an advertising billboard in this world. PS, don't bother to go to the web page that is linked, it no longer exists, neither does VR World.



At this point I had heard about Secondlife but since my computer was too slow to do it, I tried "Active Worlds" instead, which still does exist, you can visit their web page at You would have thought they would have updated their vr worlds because back in 2007 they were pretty basic, but I just had a look in there and its pretty much the same. Many of the places to go to had no one in them, and very little to see, but they had a few things that were nice like free Hoverboards to use to help you explore. I never liked their viewing method however, which was entirely keyboard controlled. Below are a few pictures I took in Active Worlds in 2007.





Although I actually managed to meet and talk to a few people in Active Worlds, I really felt that Secondlife was where I should be, so I had a Gaming Computer built to order ( AMD Dual Core 3.8ghz ) and began to do Secondlife in May 2007. At that time everything was VERY cheap to buy in there and the average price of anything was 10 - 50 Lindens. Most things you might want were free of charge. Of course most of the builds were pretty basic, put together out of prims, and this way before anything mesh was available. I remember buying a Speedboat for 900 Lindens, and everyone was like, You paid L$900 ? Why ?

Like most Secondlife residents I have had a series of Avatars, but they have all be called Tanith Lane. Yes, so now you know. I am Tanith Lane !

These pictures are I think the first ones I took in Secondlife. I'm still wearing the default jeans, and I have the default hair.

Upgraded now to new clothes and new hair

When I first joined Secondlife, after I'd done the usual aclimatization of learning how to move and fly I used to spend a lot of time at "Mystical Masteries" which was a sort of New Age Elven land. Here I made friends with "Ring Ray" who in real life lives in Crestone Colorado. Below you can see two pictures of me and him having a hug. Secondlife is like that, you can easily get into a strong relationship with someone you don't know in the real world, and those breakups can be extreamely upsetting. At Mystical Masteries I discovered some new music, the like of which i'd never heard before, such as "Drums of Nebula" and "Blue and Opalecent Dialogue" by Skyramp and "Farewell and Forgiveness" by Branko Isakovich, which turned me on to that type of music. Eventually I got barred from Mystical Masteries because I accidently used the word "Penis".

Many people say that most of the women in Secondlife are actually Men, well yes a lot of them are, but not all of them are, I got to know many real women through Secondlife who also had female Avatars. Below is my freind Paula Kayvon, who I met in Secondlife. In real life she lives in Hastings U.K. We spent many hours talking about things, life, politics, etc. She told me that many of the people in Secondlife are actually disabled people who can't walk, and so being able to move around in a VR world is a kind of a release, so for them its very therapeutic. Below are two pictures of Paula.

Below are a couple of pictures of Trolluv Toll who in RL lives in Las Vegas NV, myself in green, and Paula Kayvon wearing the extravagant dress. We'd gone to listen to a music recital, streaming into Secondlife from real life.

Lets now fast forward from 2007 to the present day - well approximately. The pictures below of myself ( Tanith Lane ) were taken in 2016


The picture below was part of an Art show - at Sapphire Mirror Lake


Also at the Art show was this strange structure that was part underwater.
Being the explorer that I am I couldn't wait to experience the underwater part, as you can see from the pictures.




Here is a video of Tanith exploring Fancy Deep in Secondlife using a Mini Sub


The Undersea Lab


The Quirky House


The Gateway