Anaglyph 3d Photography

To view these images properly you will need a pair of Red / Cyan glasses, the cheapest ones are made of cardboard with colored plastic filters, these are the type you might get for free at the Movies, but if you want a better pair I recommend the type that you wear over your eye glasses, the picture to the left is the type that I use. At time of writing this, they were available on Amazon priced at $13.98 for two pairs, each in a cloth case.

As a point on interest, these type of images are called Anaglyph Photos. To make them either two photographs have to be taken simultaneously, with each camera a few inches apart, or static images can be photographed with a single camera, moving the camera a few inches horizontally for the second shot. This is what I have done to take the pictures below, since I don't have a stereoscopic camera setup that I can use. Once you have the two pictures, they are made into a 3d photograph using Stereophotomaker. To download this program, and also gather more information visit The Stereo Photo Maker Page Today, although many people prefer Anaglyph Photos for 3D viewing, the big craze is primarily in Parallel or side by side viewing. This I should imagine began with the success of Occulus Rift, and from that into the huge number of goggles you can buy to view parallel photographs and videos using your Smartphone.

The picture to the left is my own collection of goggles for use with a Smartphone. Whilst the colors using this system are better than you would get with Anaglyph, the down sides are that you have to struggle to fit your phone into the viewer whilst making sure the phone doesn't accidentely get switched off, you also have to struggle with navigating to the image or video you want to look at while the phone is in the viewer, you have to cope with the uncomfortable and sometimes even painful goggle strapped onto your face, and you have to cope with the heat from the phone if you use the goggle for an extended period of time.

Another downside is that because of the magnifying lens fitted in the goggles, you can see the pixels on the screen of the phone, which makes for a lower resolution experience unless you happen to like looking through a mesh screen.

With the Anaglyph method there is no struggling with phones inside uncomfortable viewers, you can look at pictures displayed on any Computer, Tablet or Smartphone screen, and if you want you can print out your Anaglyph photos and hang them on the wall, for viewing any time you put on your glasses !



The picture above is the very first Anaglyph Photo I made. This was before I understood the method of using two cameras or the way to move a single one, so I just grabbed an image off the internet and made it into a "Popup" version. I have since learnt from Stereo Photography aficionado's that this sort of "in your face effect" just isn't done, but in spite of that the holographic effect of this image is amazing, don't you think ?

Just a note of interest, the distance that the image hangs in the air in front of your computer screen is proportional to the size of the image, so if you want to see what it looks like even further out, you would need to zoom your browser to a higher percentage. This is very easy to do in browsers like Google Chrome, where the settings are at the top right corner of the screen.


I was wondering what to take as my first real 3d photograph just when workmen began to dig up the road outside, so I took the opportunity to photograph the pipes they left there, this was two handheld pictures taken with my Olympus VG110 Digital Camera.


This picture is a Barrel Cactus which are commonly found in the U.S Southwest. The spines are hook shaped and make a "twang" sound if you flick them. The fruits on the top are edible and contain seeds high in protein. This picture taken with my Olympus Camera mounted on a slider fitted to a tripod.


We were at one of our favorite eating places, La Salsa, munching on grilled fish burritos, then I took this picture using my Smartphone.


Our cat was sleeping on the couch next to me, and I had my phone handy, so I took this picture.


Who's a big pussy ? Our Cat when she's close up. Another one taken with my phone.


June and I were at another favorite restaurant, La Indita, when I asked her to hold very still whilst I took this photo with my Smartphone With the poor lighting, it took a lot of image manipulation to get anything usable at all, but I think it was worth it !


June and the Cat were sleeping in her recliner chair, and I was able to take this picture without waking them up, using my smartphone.


Sometimes when one is looking at photos taken a long time ago, one comes across two pictures taken just slightly apart horizontally, and they can be melded together to create a 3d picture. Such was the case here, this picture was taken by June.


On a rather dull day June and I headed to the Saguaro National Park hoping to take some great 3d pictures, but the light wasn't good, anyway this picture was taken with a Smartphone of the edge of Gates Pass.


Also at Saguaro National Park this picture was taken a bit later than the previous shot, and whilst interesting its unfortunatly too dark.


Pineapples, taken on a display at Sprouts Farmers Market


Ornamental Kale, picture taken at Bashas Food Store using my Smartphone.


Rose Quartz Bowl, picture taken at Tucson Gem Show 2017.


My Doctors office. ( that's my bag on the floor )


Another of my Doctors office


These next five were taken inside Secondlife


This picture was only the second Anaglyph Photo I have made. It was taken inside Secondlife and it depicts a Tropical Island. Taking it was tricky, I had to do two screen grabs by moving my Avatar sideways in mouselook mode, then put the images together to make what you see here.


Meditation Center


Heavens Gateway


The Old Memorial


The Treehouse